Only, you know, like, in a comedic way.

Uptown Art is that cool store down the block. The employees know your name, and ask how your last project turned out. They let you in on when your favorite paints are going on sale. They let you chill in the back, and read up on oil painting, before helping you pick out brushes.

Uptown Art is Your store - and now they need You to help them stay.

Release Date: 2019
Genre: Feature Length Comedy
Studio: Earth Shadow Films in conjunction with An Optimistic Cynic, LLC

Directed By: Sarah Louisa Burns, Andrew Dyck
Written By: Sarah Louisa Burns
Director of Photography: Andrew Dyck
Produced By
Earth Shadow Films, An Optimistic Cynic LLC

It's like Clerks meets Empire Records - but haven't we had more than enough films about straight white kids? I’m here for the queers that are tired of being the joke. I’m here for the people of color that are constantly type-cast. I’m here for the for feminists used to seeing eyes roll. I’m here for anyone that’s ever been made to feel unsafe/unwelcome/discriminated against.

Our aim was to reflect the talent of the artists we knew, the realities of a neighborhood in flux, and give the coming-of-age-genre a giant nipple twist, so we could talk about issues that actually matter: sexism; gentrification; marginalization; oppression.



A new comedy