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A new comedy

Harlem Based Indie Film Is All About Community
New York, NY. Fall 2017

Earth Shadow Films and An Optimistic Cynic LLC present

Uptown Art; a feature length comedy “that’s like Clerks

and Empire Records had a baby, and that baby was an art store”,

says writer/director Sarah Louisa Burns.

The film is based around the uncertain fate of Uptown Art, a store

struggling with the effects of gentrification taking over the historic

Harlem neighborhood. The film features local Harlem talent, including actors, artists, and musicians.

Currently in their last days of filming, the festival-bound film has already created an impressive local buzz, but the work’s not over yet.

“We recorded at such high quality,” explains Dyck,” that we currently don’t have a computer powerful enough to store and edit all the files needed to complete the film.”

In the DIY spirit of the film, Uptown Art is looking to the community to help complete the venture via their GoFundMe campaign, at

“If you’ve ever had any interest in getting involved with film production, or social activism, I urge you to get involved with the Uptown Art campaign”, says Burns. “Tweet, “like”, share, and please donate if you can. The underlying message of Uptown Art is how a community can pull together, so now we humbly look to you, our community, to help us spread the word.”